Ad Managers, it’s time to stop being the best-kept secret

and start attracting your own quality leads...

The first part of your workday should not be checking client campaigns. It should be focused on your business. Marketing, networking and creating conversations ensures you have a pipeline of potential clients.

Sign an Ad Client in 28 Days or less!

What’s waiting for you inside the Sign an Ad Client in 28 days or less training:

✔️ A complete Top of Funnel, Middle of Funnel and Bottom of Funnel Strategy, so that you progress people along a customer journey and so when you are spending your valuable time on discovery calls, you know they are with very warm prospects.

✔️ 4 Bonus Video trainings to help you mentally prepare for success, sales frameworks to turn your leads to clients, get visible and attract clients and offers to turn leads into clients even if they are not ready for DFY Ad Management.

✔️ Sign a Client in 28 Days Workbook so that you can keep track of your Lead Generation and follow-up game plan.

✔️ Daily emails for 28 days to help you to take consistent daily action.

Here's a breakdown of the bonus training:

Bonus 1

Monetize your Mindset with Coach Dawn

Becoming a confident and successful Ad Manager requires more than just skills in the Ads Dashboard. Realize the power of your subconscious mind and attract your ideal clients by leading your mind rather than following your feelings.

Bonus 2

Sales Secrets with Renee Hribar

People do business with people. Selling is about looking at your Lead as a HUMAN and making personal connections. Making connections before the Discovery call will help to position you as a trusted advisor and remove the sleaze from your sales calls.

bonus 3

3 Offers Your Lead Will Need

A big advantage of being an Ad Manager is that you have a valuable skill that businesses across the world need. Discover 3 offers you can make on a Discovery call to turn your Lead into a paying Client even if they are not ready for your done for you services.

bonus 4

Get Seen, Get Heard, Get Paid

There's no point being the best kept secret. If people don't know about you how will they ever ask to work with you. Discover how to amplify your visibility and authority in the news feed and position yourself as THE Ad Manager to work with.

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