Facebook Ads For List Building
A FREE course to learn how to grow your email list using paid Ads.
In this FREE 90 minute Mini Course you'll going to discover...
In this FREE 90 minute Mini Course you're going to discover
Pixels are an essential way to track your leads and also retarget them with relevant ads.

I will provide a simple guide to learn the ninja tactics behind pixels!
You ever get a Facebook ad from a person's website you just visited? 

These are carefully placed ads used to hyper focus into people who are ready to buy and now you get to learn those techniques too!
I'll show you the ads manager back end and how to set up a campaign from scratch.

Bring your pen and paper because this will improve how you've been running ads!
Introducing your Instructor, Award winning Ad expert... Jody Milward
Hi, I am Jody Milward, a Private Investigator, turned Facebook Ad Strategist and I have helped my clients generate millions of dollars of sales with Facebook(TM) Ads.

I’ve worked as a Freelancer, an In House Ad Strategist and founded my own Advertising Agency, Social Charlie. 

I’ve managed a global team of some of the best Facebook Marketers in the world, who have been behind the scenes working on 7 Figure Funnels and Campaigns for some of the most influential people and brands in the online marketing space.  

Watch over my shoulder as I walk you through setting up the Campaigns you need to start or accelerate your list building so that you have a database full of potential clients right at your fingertips - literally!
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