Discover how to make 6 figures (and more) with a $27 Offer

Self Liquidating Offer Intensive

The RIGHT way to build a Low Ticket Offer that is created for SALES.

Imagine...$1,215,239 in sales from a $27 offer.

I’m sure you’ve not only seen quite a few $27 or $37 offers in your Newsfeed, but have probably purchased one or more along the way. These “Self Liquidating Offers” (SLO for short) are a course junkie’s dream!

You may even be reading this because you purchased my own Client Attraction Code SLO. In which case, I hope you’ve put it to use and are creating and nurturing an audience to promote your offer to!

If you’re the creative type you may even have seen one of my client’s Ads which has had 71,791,240 impressions since 16th June 2020 and had generated $1,215,239 in sales in less than 12 months.

Impressive right? It’s the kind of SLO we all dream of, but I’ll be the first to admit, it’s a Unicorn.

Nevertheless, the strategies that I used to take this SLO from $96 daily ad spend to over $696,855.99 in Ad Spend, can be applied to any SLO so that you can build a list of buyers.

Want to know how to create an SLO that is designed for sales?

All those $27-$47 offers in the newsfeed come unstuck when...



"Is there a way I can track the Bump and OTO sales?"


"I’m trying to add conversion values for all steps of my SLO funnel so they show up in Ads Manager!"


"How can I tell which Ad Sets are the most profitable?"

THEY have no idea just how profitable the ads really are.

This is the BIGGEST issue I see and hear from people who have put alot of work into building a low ticket offer.

Then they put in the hours to figure out how to put all the funnel pieces together and finally have a funnel!

Then, they need traffic to go to their funnel, so they put some ad spend into the mix (putting gas in that automobile!) and then have to go into the back end of their software to see the sales - which may or may not all be from your ads...

Then they have to go and build another funnel that WILL allow to take payments from more than one processor (since when is paying with Paypal a 'nice to have feature' on a SALES FUNNEL?

You see it’s like having a beautiful new car sitting on the driveway, unless you put gas in it, it’s not going anywhere.

Facebook Ads are the gas for your low ticket offers.

SO it's important that we build a funnel that is made to be accelerated with Ads.

ALOT of work goes into creating one of these low ticket offers and if you don’t build it right, it will end up sitting on the driveway with no gas.

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“If Jody's teaching, I'm listening!

Jody has a mind that creation solutions, and is a ninja at what she does. Investing in her knowledge was one of the smartest things I've done and being in her communities is a GAME CHANGER for my business - if Jody's teaching, I'm listening!

- Zach Spuckler, Heart Soul Hustle



The Self Liquidating Offer Intensive

The RIGHT way to build an SLO funnel for paid traffic.