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Receptionist to Private Investigator to

I'm what I like to call, an "accidental entrepreneur". Like many women, after having kids I didn't want to return to a 9-5 office gig. I started my first business as a Private Investigator (obvious choice, right?). After 9 years, 7 figures in revenue and much government red tape, it was time to move on and I stumbled into the Social Media and paid traffic world.

From my first client in 2014 making $12 per hour to generating over 7 figures in revenue 6 years later, I've lived and breathed digital marketing as an freelancer, sub-contractor, in-house, agency owner, consultant, speaker, educator and mentor.

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Online Confidential is my weekly show which can be found on Facebook, Youtube and iTunes. Each week I take you behind the scenes and bring you the confessions of a 7 figure ad manager with strategies, updates and the in's and out's of running ads for clients.

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Let Me Help You Discover How It's Possible To Run Ads For Clients And Make 6 Figures Per Year Working With Amazing Clients Who Recognise Your Value.

"Working with Jody and her team has been a revelation! From the onboarding ... to the reporting ... to the communication with our team ... to the creativity and precision. It’s been outstanding! And no surprises has led to our biggest launches in the business to date. The best thing about working with the Social Charlie team is the feeling of security. When you’re investing heavily in ads, you want people who care about your business and messaging just as much as you. I love that Jody is helping us reach a bigger audience with our message that changes the lives of women everywhere!"


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