"I'm Looking For A Boring And Uninspiring Speaker"

Said no Meeting Planner EVER!

I get it.

You don't want to be squirming at the back of the room while your event attendees are yawning, fidgeting and looking at their watches.

As a Meeting Planner, one of your biggest challenges is to find speakers who will entertain, inspire and activate your audience so that not only will it be a memorable event (for all the right reasons) but your attendees can action something they learnt straight away and see instant results.

I'm passionate about helping people understand and leverage Facebook Advertising to increase their influence and income.

From education to inspiration, there are three audiences that I love to serve so that they can literally change their business and life with Facebook Marketing.

Business Owners

Whether you are a B2C, B2B, Service Provider or Personal Brand, your Facebook Marketing all comes down to connecting with people using the platform in a way that creates awareness, builds affinity and establishes you as the authority in your niche.

My $10 a Day Ad Strategy can help any business achieve these goals so that they can bring in more leads which is the lifeblood to their business.

Marketing Professionals

Marketing teams can be spread pretty thin as they work across multiple platforms and mediums so staying up to date with strategies and algorithm changes can be easily overlooked.

With the constantly changing updates to the Facebook Platform, what worked 3 months ago may not be working now. I specialise in Facebook Marketing so that I am up to date with policy updates, what's coming up and what strategies are working now to attract more leads and sales.

Career Change Seekers

There's an underground movement of people packing in the daily commute to their 9-5 gig and learning in demand skills to help businesses build and maintain their presence online in a noisy marketplace.

You don't need to be an entrepreneur to enjoy a 'laptop' lifestyle. There's high demand for skilled team members to join 'virtual' teams such as Content Creators, Social Media Managers and Facebook Ad Managers who can earn 6 figures per year.

Bottom Line....

Businesses Need People.

With Over 1.66 Billion People Logging Into Facebook EVERYDAY... If A Business Is Not Using Facebook Effectively They Are Losing Clients And Losing Money

I Can Deliver A Message To Your Audience That Will...

  • Blow their mind with what is possible with Facebook Marketing
  • Take away the tech overwhelm of using Facebook to attract clients
  • Inspire them to take action
  • See instant results with their Facebook Marketing

Get Seen, Get Heard,

Get Paid

There is no other place to promote your business that allows your to get in front of your ideal client for less than one cent and that you can continue to promote to day, after day with a relevant message for the actions they have taken as they engage with your Ads. The Client Attraction Code has secured $30,000+ deals all for less than $10 a day.

The 5 Step Strategy to 3x your Leads and Sales

While many marketing teams go for the jugular with conversion campaigns to close the deal, they leave a lot of money on the table by forgetting the customer journey and increasing number of touchpoints needed to build trust on social media these days. My 5 step system will help you to not only close more of your leads but to also pick up sales that your competitors have left behind.

Careers without the Commute. Claim your place in the Global workplace

It is possible to have a 'laptop lifestyle' without needing to be an online millionaire.

Discover 3 in demand skillsets that can make you 6 figures per year and what employers are looking for when recruiting their team members.

Let Me Help You Create A Memorable Event... For All The Good Reasons!

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