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Hi. I'm Jody Milward

In the words of Mark Zuckerberg “Senator, we run ads” That’s what I do. I’m a Facebook Ad Strategist, Agency owner, Consultant and Educator. And the crazy thing is, I don’t have a piece of paper from a college or university saying I have a degree in marketing or anything else for that matter.

I finished High School, didn’t go on to any formal tertiary education, went to work for a government department as a receptionist, got married at 19 and a few years later, kids came along which lead me down a pather to find a way to make money working from home.

Obviously the natural choice here is to become a private investigator right? And start your own company… yes?


Just me?

Thought so...

I like to say I was an Accidental entrepreneur - in my search for a work/life balance income opportunity.

I like to say I was an Accidental entrepreneur - in my search for a work/life balance income So yes, I became a Private Investigator but no Car Park Stakeouts or spouse busting. It was what you’d call skip tracing. But after 8 years in this industry, it was time to move on. I fell in love with Facebook Marketing and the opportunity it presents so anyone with a service, product or business to build a following and make more sales and change lives.. Not just your own, but those of your clients.rtunity.

"I got paid a whopping $12/ph"

One of my first official clients was an Online Marketer I was following who wanted help for an upcoming launch. I was still pretty new to it all, but they gave me a go. I got paid a whopping $12/ph - which in Australia is a rate a 15 year old would get paid. But I gave it my all. Even when, during the launch and my family had a rare holiday booked, there was no wifi at the apartment, so I went across the road to McDonalds a couple of times a day to tap into their Wifi and work for hours at a time.

But my hard work paid off.

The launch was a great success and resulted in multiple 6 figures in sales.

I went on to work as an In House Marketer for a company in Canada (while I was still located in Australia). They’d recently launched their digital information product with great success and it was time to scale. So I ran the Facebook ads, managed the funnels, monitored and created email campaigns and automations… all the online marketing systems.

And in just 9 months, we cracked the magical $1m in Revenue.

It’s my years as a Private Investigator that really honed my analytics, questioning and research skills which have served me and my clients well to get great results with Facebook Ads.

But as we know there are 3 certainties in life. Death, Taxes and Facebook Algorithm changes.

Eventually the popular Ads to Webinar to sale strategy wasn’t working as well as it used to. Everybody with a webinar funnel was feeling it and cost per lead when up and conversion rates went down.

So in my usual style of giving my all and working my butt off, I was always working on the campaigns. New ads, new audiences, revised landing pages, checking email open rates….

I was so consumed and stressed I’d have to take sleeping pills so I wouldn’t wake up during the night worrying about campaigns.

As soon as I woke up in the morning in Australia, I’d feel the fear hit my stomach, as I thought about how the campaigns were performing that day in America.

Then one Saturday morning our Rocky, our Labrador didn’t greet us with the usual excitement and tail wagging that he’d done everyday for the last 10 years. He just stood in front of us and it was obvious there was something very wrong. He tried to wag his tail, but it was easy to see he was in a lot of pain.

So after talking with the vet and monitoring him for the day he was booked in for the next day to be put to sleep.

We drove Rocky to the Vet with the back window down and he had his head out the whole way savouring the wind on his face one last time.

As we walked through to the back room of the vet, we sensed Rocky knew what was about to happen, and he was at peace. We sat on the floor with him as he crossed the rainbow bridge and vet officially declared “He’s gone”.

We brought him back home and lay him to rest under the Frangipani tree. We place flowers on top of him as we wept, grieving the loss of one of our family.

Then 2 hours later, Sunday lunchtime, I was contacted to jump on an impromptu urgent skype call with my clients and the team to discuss new strategies to combat the changes we've been seeing on Facebook and subsequently decline in revenue.

I’d been living in a constant state of stress and now broken hearted and grieving, but still Ads came first.

My life was out of balance. Way out of balance. Something had to change.

So I quit. I was burnt out. I had to just walk away.

I was the breadwinner for my family at the time, so this decision had a major impact on my family's income. The 6 months saw no revenue coming in. I cold called pool builders, dentists, Chiropractors - all the ‘easy’ clients for Facebook Ads. But nothing. It’s like I was a joke to all these businesses.. They preferred to keep on putting their ads in the phone book.

It was 6 weeks before Christmas, savings were all gone, cr cards maxed out and no money to get the kids presents.

I was talking to a friend, about turning my back on it all and getting a $20/ph job at a factory. But as I said it, I already felt myself dying on the inside if that was the direction I chose.

So I dug in and went back to the Coaching and Info product niche which I knew so well. I picked up some clients and rather than banging my head against a wall with out of date, broken strategies, I put on my Private Investigator hat and developed my own framework to create a sustainable lead generation system so that as an Ad Manager you’re not having to sacrifice your life trying to make out of date ad strategies work , so that you can consistently bring in leads and sales for your client.

This Framework Has Contributed To My Clients Generating 6 Figures Per Month And Another Client Making $1m In Less Than One Year.

"And of course I want to shout it from the rooftops that you have a two comma award winner as a client!"


And It’s Also Turned My Business Around From Facing A Christmas With No Presents To Generating Over $700k In Revenue In 2 Years.

All Thanks To Facebook Advertising.



With Just $10 A Day Ad Spend

Without building and juggling a bunch of non-working funnels...

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